Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Best FREE Money Making Web Sites

So Your Serious about making money online. I have been searching for the best ptc, search and payment process sites for many years and have learned a lot by being scammed. Yes i'm not afraid to admit it and im sure all of us have been at some point in time. Anyway here is a shortlist of the best, most reliable paid to click, web searching sites to join if you wish to make a few extra pounds.
Just follow these simple rules and you wont go far wrong.

  • Set up a payment process account, Free of course. Why? Well its the safest way to transfer your earnings into your bank account without having to input your bank details on every website you join. Safe, secure and reliable. My recommendation for this is below: Nearly all sites will give you the option to have your money transfered here.

  • Next is to join all of the following sites, they are all free and well know trusted sites.


  • Stay active on all sites, it only takes a few minutes each day, click all the adds and although the rewards are small you will be amazed how they add up.
  • Finally referalls are the key to bigger things. If you can get even 10 active referalls on some of the programms you have joined then you will be able to greatly increase you revenue each month without having to do a thing, especially when those people also refer friends as with most programmes you get paid for 10=15 levels deep
  • How do you get referalls? Well friends and family are the best place to start but they soon run out. So the best thing to do is join the programme below. You can click adverts for credits or join programmes for credits, when you have enough credits then you can spend them on referalls for the programmes you are already a member of.


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