Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Hey there eveyone, just thought I would post an update on another new website for you to look at, well it's a search engine actually.

Homefriends is powered by yahoo and pays you to search the web. Something all of us do eveyday.

It's completley free to join and you can run up to 95 searches per day at around 3p per search.
Thats nearly £3 per day for simply searching

I have joined many internet progammes promising riches and quess what, yes 99% are scams, but this one actually works. It's sponsored by Yahoo and they are trying to compete with Google by paying you to search using their search engine.

Im not promising the thousands some other websites promise but this will definately earn you a few pounds for doing nothing else but browsing the internet. You might as well give it a try, nothing to download, it's free and drien by Yahoo, one of the biggest search engines around.
Follow the link to join.

Heres the deal:

* 95 searches a day limit , interleave at least 5 sec between searches
only daily UNIQUE searches count (ex.: 8 x yuwie = 1 at the end of the day)

*You can have multiple accounts if you have multiple e-mail adresses (90$ x 3 = 270$ a month)
spread you searches during the day (excessive searching behavior will be detected by the frauding system)

*WHY do they pay me to search ? - as all of you know, Google is one of the biggest multibillon dollar succes companies on the internet. The more users they get the more they get paid thrue advertising, ... All this money goes straight into the pockets of the company, HMPF (owned by Yahoo) stole the initial idea of Bill gates : to pay it's users a percentage of the profitt for using his "microsoft searchengine". That would be the only way to compete with the ever growing giant Google. HMPF doubled it's registered users in 2 months above 160.000 allready

*If you are out of inspiration just browse to a wikipedia page & copy paste some historical names in your search toolbar...

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